Redditch Volunteer Hub

You can volunteer to take part in a group whether you are self-isolating or not. Volunteers who are able might perform tasks that isolated people can’t do. People who are self-isolated can help co-ordinate a group from home. Many groups are organised online, for example through Facebook or WhatsApp. 

Please DO NOT volunteer to come into contact with others if you are currently in at at-risk group, at high risk of infection or experiencing symptoms yourself. Follow government and NHS guidance on who should self-isolate.


Register as a local Redditch Community Sector Volunteer

We are asking local residents who want to help across the districts of Redditch to register here. The community sector is working together to provide a service that covers all areas.

Register as an NHS Volunteer Responder

This programme enables volunteers to provide care or to help a vulnerable person, which is permitted under the new rules announced by the Government on 23rd March 2020. Volunteers may be asked to show the active task they are responding to if asked.

Register as a Worcestershire County Council Volunteer

“We’re already receiving kind offers of help and support from individuals, groups and businesses across Worcestershire. We would love to hear from you if you have any goods and services that you wish to donate.”

Donate Supplies

If you’re an individual, family, group or business and you have something you want to donate to the cause please use our online form to tell us about it. You can also call 01527919869 or 01527359007 to talk to a volunteer about your donation.

Donate Money

We need money to help us buy food and provisions for people in need. It’s also very expensive to run this website and we need to buy additional software to improve our workflows so we can help more people, more quickly and in ways that will ensure their health and wellbeing.

Suggest Things to Do

How do you beat boredom? How do you keep the children entertained and educated? Tell the rest of Redditch and let’s all survive this together!

Self-Service Resources

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Leafleting Advice


  • Wash your hands thoroughly before taking leaflets out of the printer and put the leaflets directly into a ziploc bag (a small pile up to about 40).
  • Don’t stockpile excess leaflets.

Distributing Leaflets 

It is important to follow safety guidelines when distributing leaflets to ensure that as far as possible we are not exposing people to the virus and putting anyone at more harm. Here are some guidelines that everyone distributing leaflets should follow. You should not do this if you are ill at all.

  • Do not leaflet if you are unwell at all, even if you’re only experiencing mild symptoms.
  • Leaflets should be stored in smaller piles within ziploc bags
  • Listen to social distancing guidelines and don’t leaflet in large groups. When leafleting in small groups, avoid physical contacts or exchanging resources.
  • Make sure to wash your hands well before starting leafleting and use hand sanitiser if you are able to at regular intervals.
  • Only one person should handle leaflets from each ziplocked pack, putting them directly from the bag through the door for each house and minimising contact as far as possible
  • Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished too

Distributing Posters

Posters can be put up around the local area to spread awareness. Some ideas of places to put them are:

  • Shop and cafe windows and noticeboards (ask for permission!)
  • Community noticeboards (try religious centres, libraries, community centres, blocks of flats)