Our offer to organisations across Redditch who want to help, need help, or want to improve resiliency

A guide for local community groups, agencies, businesses, providers and others who are helping people at this time of crisis

The Support Redditch Emergency Network was set up to bring together community groups and organisations into a harmonious response across the Borough of Redditch and surrounding areas.

Redditch ‘streets ahead’ of other towns with its support for most vulnerable

Redditch Standard – 04 April 2020

We work with existing community groups, new ones that have set themselves up on Facebook, and we also work with Redditch Borough Council, Worcestershire County Council and other agencies.

We exist to provide tools, connections and services to expand the capacity and capability of existing and new groups, whilst also ensuring the person receiving help benefits from a consistent approach.

What can we offer your group?

In a crisis we can offer your group the following benefits:

  • We have active relationships with suppliers of PPE (personal protective equipment) so we are able to provide your people with masks, sanitising products and gloves if required.
  • We have built relationships with the main supermarkets – meaning our volunteers who wear ID badges carrying our charity number are able to override supermarket restrictions and are able to prove to police they are conducting essential activities. We can get food and deliver it to your groups or your residents.
  • We can provide your administrators and/or volunteers with access to our easy-to-use software system for managing volunteers and the jobs they do.
  • Access to our 130+ volunteers who have all had their ID checked, some with recent DBS checks in place. Some of our volunteers have vans and access to other machinery if needed. Some are also interested in work opportunities to support local businesses.
  • Networking and coordination tools to help your groups run more effectively – such as our regular Zoom conference calls between community groups, volunteers, councils and partners. These happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and are a great way to find out who’s doing what, when and how.
  • Access to our network of expertise through the people who run SREN and our contacts.

We can also offer …


We’re developing a grants scheme to enable SREN to apply for funding opportunities from larger bodies so we can distribute these to groups within our network to ensure money and resources hit the ground and make a difference.

Payment Services

We’re working with our banking partners to provide payment facilities to collect payments from those who need services and can afford to pay using credit/debit card, BACS, cheque or cash in a system that keeps our volunteers safe and ensures transparency for those who take services from us.

Once established we will be offering this payment solution as a platform to the groups within our network.

What do we ask of your group?

When you join the Support Redditch Emergency Network you’re joining coordinated group of volunteers who share the primary aim of delivering aid and relief to those in need who are suffering as a result of the Coronavirus crisis – or any other disaster that befalls our town and its people. The definition of this can be wide, and can include economic disaster.

  • We do not discriminate who we help – if they need help, we are there for them. We expect our members to do the same.
  • We ask all members of the network to sign a data sharing agreement so that we can send details of volunteers and jobs to you, and so you can send anything you need back to the network.
  • We ask for your patient understanding that we are fast-moving group often responding to a fast-moving crisis – this means we don’t always have time to slow down and discuss things as much as we’d like, especially in the middle of an emergency.

We’re all in this together, and we’ll all get through this together so long as we set aside our differences and remain focused on the core mission: to deliver aid and relief to all those who are suffering.

We also ask…

  • All members of the network are encouraged to take up one of our Office365 accounts, which enables you to access our resources and for us all to communicate quickly and easily using Teams and other resources.
  • We need all our members to take part in our on-boarding process, which is where a volunteer will contact you to get your agreement to our legal documents and to understand how you best plug in to our network. This includes understanding what you need as well as what you can provide.

Play an Active Role

Emergency planning and resilience is only effective if each part of the network plays an active role. It’s really important that you participate in our communications processes and our events. Being an active member is rewarding too – you’ll be part of a network of people and organisations who are always ready to spring into action to help you when you need it the most.

Ready to Register?

It costs nothing to join the Support Redditch Emergency Network, but the benefits will save you time, hassle and even money that you can better spend delivering aid and relief at this time of crisis.

Membership is open to Facebook Groups, social enterprises, community groups, clubs, societies, charities, membership associations, political parties, local authorities, businesses, trade bodies, resident associations, neighbourhood watch teams… and of course individuals.