Coordination Tools

Resources for local groups, volunteers and agencies

This section is intended to support those who are coordinating volunteers and working with agencies to deliver services. Please ensure you are registered as a provider, even if you don’t want to appear in the public directory so you can sign our data sharing agreements.

Find Other Local Agencies to Help

Working with Redditch Borough Council you can now access their Agency Search tool that will allow you to find agencies to help you with enquiries you might be getting. For example, if you type ‘dementia’ into the tool it will show you all known local agencies that can help with dementia.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups National Database

There are now thousands of local groups across the country.  You can register your Mutual Aid Group here for the national system. You can register your group here for the local Redditch-only system. We recommend you do both.

If you’re the admin of a local group that’s on the national system, please get one of your group members to join this group so you can share learning, resources and support.

You can see the full database of local groups here:

Shared Datasets

  • The COVID-19 Provider Directory & Key Contacts in Redditch sheet is available to other agencies/groups so you can coordinate and collaborate as a network. Some providers we are working with do not accept direct referrals and won’t be listed in our Provider Directory, which is what the public should use if they’re looking for local help.
  • The COVID-19 Volunteers in Redditch sheet is available only to the centralised senior coordinators and key agencies as it contains the details of all volunteers across Redditch – access is therefore strictly controlled.
  • The Needs Log is only available to centralised senior coordinators and key agencies. Needs are sent to local groups/agencies one-by-one as they are raised.

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