Working with us

Developing a strong network to deliver support across Redditch

The Support Redditch Emergency Network is delighted to work with a range of organisations across Redditch. From September 2020 we are keen to enter into formal agreements with any interested and aligned groups/organisations/charities/businesses in our area.

Our supplier pack is made up of three documents – please complete and return these to us for signature. We invite you to email so we can discuss the specific details to include in the schedules of the agreements (especially the general supplier agreement).


How do we work together?

The way we work is by mutual agreement – that is where we appoint you as a supplier to us, and you appoint us as a supplier to you. This allows us to supply goods and services (as defined) to each other, along with mutual non-disclosure agreements and a data sharing agreement that allows us to share data with you in a secure manner.

To appoint us as a supplier to you, and so you can share data with us, you will need to send us a similar supplier pack for your organisation. You can send this to

Our documents

Please download and return these documents for signature to


How long does it take to be appointed as a supplier?

We will review the documents you send us and we may need to refine the specifics of the services/goods that you will supply to us. Once everyone is happy the documents will be signed and agreed. This can be done in around 24hrs so long as all parties move as quickly as they can.

Do I need to appoint Support Redditch as a supplier?

We prefer to work on a mutual basis and would very much like you to appoint us as a supplier. Please send your documents to and we will review them as quickly as possible. Mutual appointment is not strictly necessary and there will be circumstances where it is not appropriate.

Why do we need to be suppliers?

This process is intended only for organised groups, charities, businesses and other types of organisations in the community and is a legally-compliant way for us to manage our relationship with each other. We supply to you, and you supply to us. If you’re a private individual who wishes to volunteer or donate goods/services you don’t need to be a supplier.